By Mandy Rogers

The British female urban market is on a lift right now,
notably coming up from the ranks of noteworthiness alongside Arlissa,
girlfriend Ny first broke our attention back in the spring with an inaugural
offering aptly titled  “Music”.

In everyway a DIY artist, Ny is not just an artist /
performer, she has self orchestrated her career and actively got out there in
the inner industry workings of it to take her music constantly to the next

As she is almost at the tipping point of dropping her debut
album “Who Is She” this autumn, Ny introduces new single from the same, “Trophy

Sleek urban pop grooves of crisp production that match in
quality of delivery of a high calibre multi-talent. Ny is a naturally gifted
force of all encompassed music making that has been borne of sheer
determination and hard work, that is being yielded in returns of pristine,
precision and pop perfect productions.

A lady of note, and of natural aptitude, to applaud and to
look out for.