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By Mandy Rogers

Once we were Mad-on-her, now were kinda Meh’d-on-her! The globes ultimate pop Queen Madonna, seems not to be on the hot mark at the moment delivering the explosion of poptactular tunes, most of us were hoping for.  However, we can be rest assured that there’s an infinite queue of budding Pop Princesses lined up out there, just waiting for their moment to happen.

Newly hatched out the Disco egg, billboard charting singer Kwanza Jones serves us a fortified helping of dance pop, coming right at us sunny side up with latest toe tapping, fist pumping measure of disco pleasure – single “Time To Go”.

The song itself may be a euro pop tailored audio feast, but for the kiddo starring in the video, stirred from his sleep as a giant disco egg lands outside his bedroom window to take full sight of a buxom Kwanza busting all out of her aluminium packaging, strutting it as a poptacular blinged up rooster in his back yard, it must have literally been commissioned to identify with what young boys dreams are made of.

Question: who laid this disco egg?  Gaga?  KelisKylie?  

Wardrobe Answer: All three of them by the looks of it – together!

Euro Pop Lovers, you may purchase “Time To Go” by Kwanza Jones Here and it’s up to you to choose how much you want to pay for it.