By Mandy Rogers

A few weeks ago I was alerted through Soundcloud to a new Swedish production duo called Awake (Rasmus Johansson and Robin Danielsson) by way of one of their first productions titled “Lights On”.  

I found it quite apparent that although, Awake has only been in existence for few months online, these youngster’s have the Swedish touch of music magic surging through their young fingers and produce quite gloriously intricate but massively tune worthy slabs of stadium wearing electro that stand them in good stead for a blossoming career, just waiting to happen.

I threw some bold statements out there on my initial review:  "dance pop pleasure that would comfortably ride alongside the likes of anything current like, say Avicii”, but that is only because I felt something extremely special about these two!

Next release up to “The Sunset”, I haven’t been left to eat my words! Featuring vocalist Leo Weber, the duo have delivered trance drenched summer sparkle into 3 and half minutes of Ibiza sun blazing across the club class sky from Scandinavia. 

It’s quite left me in the mindset to go pack my suitcase to join them out there!

Unfortunately, for now I am grounded to these shores, but will suffice in a little imagination as I enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD.