Archeo Price

By Mandy Rogers

It’s sunshine pop all the way from EQ fave Archeo.  Stylish of the pop hook and stylish in the fashion arena, Archeo is nothing but the epitome of suave and cool for his killer pop slaying autumn single release “The Payback” (See EQ Review).

The brand Archeo drapes itself over billboards and brands as Archeo takes a spin around town in an open top convertible impressing his lady friends with ficitional publicity endorsements through everything from his own TV shows to concerts, footwear brands to colognes, sunglasses to film roles, taking a tongue and cheek stance on high grossing stars sometimes indulgent usage of product placement.  Archeo does this with wry humour and panache, the only product placement here is that of Archeo which he sells so brilliantly well on this music alone but the video is definitely a bonus and smile inducingly so.

A vision in brand Archeo product placement.