A lot of people are talking about Swedish duo Niki And The Dove and for good good reason too.  The quirky electronic pop outfit have just released their new music video to "The Drummer" and it's as good as you would expect from a group that is keeping the hype machine alight with their sizzling hot tracks.

What I love about Niki And The Dove is that are cool enough for the hipster kids deeming them relevant and now, yet they are adult enough for the old-school electronica lovers like myself.  If you're a fan of Royksopp, Florence & The Machine and love a bit of retro synth goodness, make sure to check out "The Drummer" right now.

And if the above isn't cool enough for you – well how about this – Niki And The Dove will be touring with Hurts in November on a few UK dates.  Indeed, bliss.