Beatrice Eli

By Mandy Rogers

I have personally had my ears locked in on newcomer Beatrice Eli for what now feels like an age, and it feels so because the somewhat enigmatic Swede is buzzing with über talent albeit, shrouded in a cloak and dagger style of intrigue that has been intermittently piercing it’s way through onto the web over the last year.

Secured in the arms of Level Ents family who look after Wretch 32, Yasmin, Josh Kumra and Daley. Beatrice is anything but your casual pop wielding dance ready formulated Swede. Beatrice is a prudent pop player and shows massive potential of challenging a diverse route on the pop market by homing in on a dub base set of credentials whilst, piling on her soulful vocal stamp to produce supreme brooding melodious pop to stunning affect.

All we can add is, make way Katy B, Jess Mills, Jessie Ware and Delilah you’ve a new sista to welcome to the family and I personally think she’s pretty damn amazing already!