By Mandy Rogers

He’s looking every inch the rock star performer isn’t he! Yet break out artist Zander Bleck doesn’t quite fit the rock stereotype at all, as will become apparent if we dangle the name “Red One” into the equation. The famed producer who mixed up the formulated pop potion with a little spike of rock infusion last year, upon working with goth rock player Porcelain Black. Red One continues to spruce up the pop rock genre with a palatable power pop aesthetic crossover that generates a plethora of audience opportunities.

Keeping his wardrobe roots into “The Who” rock ‘n’ roll inspired image styling that he grew up with through-out his childhood, Zander fashions a somewhat imposing visual presence of an emerging new figure head of pop / rock  by shaking up the rock quota with a surprisingly bouncy pop savvy vocal style that tumbles from his mouth.

Which is reinforced to the pop audience as he drops debut single “Temptation” together, with a performance filled video, highlighting a reminiscent slice of life from a bludgeoning newcomer musician trying to bring his music to an open audience. Whilst at the same time, being fully demonstrative of his possession of a stage stealing power charged vocal qualities, Zander shakes us listeners by producing a hidden dynamic of pop sensibility that slices through genres and has pushed forward into the full pop arena as tour support for the likes of The Wanted and David Cook.