Who knew that Edward Cullen had an electro-pop relative in the family?…

Check out the hot new video from Temposhark’s new single “Bye Bye Baby” which hits digital outlets this Monday – November 23rd!  The video is so electro-goth and I love it!  This is definitely Temposhark’s most ambitious music video to date and it’s a real pleasure to see Rob Diament and company getting into character in celebration of the new single from the soon to be released album – “Threads”.

And speaking of the 23rd, Monday is THE day for new electro-pop music isn’t it?  When you are out there buying “The Fame Monster” by Lady Gaga and “For Your Entertainment” by Adam Lambert, don’t forget to download Temposhark’s “Bye Bye Baby” as well!

Temposhark will be performing “Bye Bye Baby” amongst their hot set on Saturday night at EQ Live at Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch – it’s a FREE entry gig with KCAT an Loebeat as well so make sure you are there!  You never know who will show up!

Let us know you’re coming!

Like the video? Well you should – it was directed by Ben Charles Edwards who also directed the short film “The Town That Boars Me” that I wrote about in August 2008 – starring Kelly Osbourne and Sophie Ellis-Bextor !