OK – well, “Swagger Jagger” by Cher Lloyd is alright.  I have to admit, she was like marmite for me on the last season of X-Factor having more misses than hits, but I’m willing to succumb to the brilliance of “Swagger Jagger” even if miss thing can’t accessorize or coordinate her clothing for shit.  

“Swagger Jagger” has the annoying ability to hook you into the track in all it’s over-the-top, let’s cram as as many sounds into this three minutes as possible, pop romp.  Make no mistake though, the kids will fucking love it.  

But as with any female artist I write about, I will respect Cher Lloyd more when true artistry shines through.  We all know she isn’t the greatest singer on earth and her rapping is mediocre at best, but there is something there, I can feel it.  Let’s just hope Cher (and not all the money buzzards around her) will tap into it sometime soon.

“Swagger Jagger” > “Beat Of My Drum”