I just got the new album in from Ultraviolet Sound and I'm going CRAZY for it! 

It's definitely a departure from their last album "O.C.D." which had more of an electronic street sound.  But this new album!  WOW.  It's like a mixture of Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Katy Perry all rolled into one spunky electro-disco package!  Just you wait until you hear tracks like "Fuckedup" and "Careless And Free".

I actually missed the rollout of their latest video a few months ago for "Suck My Kiss" so here it is!  I hope you like it and expect more coverage of Ultraviolet Sound here on EQ.  I"m falling in love with them all over again…like rampant sex with an old ex, you'll be smiling for days…

"Suck My Kiss" is available to download now on iTunes.