This song by Edward Maya really captures the sound of the Mediterranean and I'm falling hard for it.

Whilst the weather here in the UK is slowly coming out of the grey and grim, over in Greece they have those blue skies and crystal clear waters that make you want to book a flight pronto for a little holiday – I mean just look at it – it's like an advert for the Greek Tourism Association.  

I keep running into this song on the web and it's no coincidence either as "Stereo Love" has been riding high on the dance charts worldwide from Greece all the way to Dubai, Russia, France, Albania, Lebanon, Armenia, Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Luxembourg, and Norway.  Truly an international anthem.  Come to think of it, I'm sure I heard this song whilst in Sicily not too long ago.

Enjoy the video and get lost in it's utter gorgeousness like I have.  Where's my suntan lotion?