By Mandy Rogers

Well this is a sight for sore eyes isn’t it! Its Lawson
teetering on the edge of releasing their debut LP “Chapman Square”. The boys
tweak up the pop to rock a little harder on their third single proper “Standing
In The Dark
” which is their next spin from their amazing catalogue of forlorn
love songs written in the state of heartbreak by the bands Andy Brown to his
pop famous ex The Saturdays Mollie King.

Probably not my most favourite Lawson track to date to be
perfectly honest, but the video is the bigger screen budget affair I’ve been
absolutely pining for. Rippling with emotion and there’s a water scene.

Any takers for 4 boy band members going about their music
business whilst, being soaked through to their skins? OH YES – one right here! 

Standing in the Dark - EP - Lawson