Ria Ritchie

By Mandy Rogers

Bright young soul flower Ria Ritchie is practically a home
girl to me, yet somehow I’ve escaped her wrath of brilliance thus far.

Story goes, Ria who like myself is rooted in the Eastern
reaches of the UK, was talent spotted by Plan B via her clutch of YouTube
and was whisked into the studio by the dapper rapper himself to work up
some tunes.

After a summer of festival appearances here lands a new tune
Something About You”.

Ria’s full bodied sultry soul crafted vocals are ear
poppingly bang on the money, ringing out with clarity and assurance that will
set her on a bar above the average. The contemporary twist comes via the tracks
backbone of big dance and bass vibe that drums it’s way merrily into the melody
of bluesy middle of the road listening, elevating it a gear further to a higher
plain and class of strong and yet melting soulfulness. Attributes that should
see Ria stomp through both the dance lists as well as the urban catchments in
the coming months.