K. Rose

By Mandy Rogers

Billed as a pop newcomer, let me tell you K. Rose is really something to shout about!

The bright and vivacious 19 year old is on the hot list from the off, joining the imprints of Cool and Dre and Interscope Records.

With a childhood revolving around hip-hop, competing in the world hip hop dance championships and a schooling at performing arts school, K. Rose has a sturdy career foundation already.

Debut release “Sleep When I’m Dead” is an absolute colossal compelling pop number, pumped hard with dirty bass and deep house bounce, notched up a level by K. Rose’s fly as rocket power rap sections.  Written and produced by K. Rose and Swedish House Mafia’s  Steve Angello, it is inevitable that this is one is going to go all big places with a BOOM!

Wow this gurl has raised the benchmark of hip-hop that I don’t usually harbour the greatest of fondnesses for, to tripping off the scale of excitement. I am so frothed up by it, I just cannot stop replaying it….repeat…..repeat…..repeat.

Everybody put K. Rose on your radar immediately!