We mentioned the new single "Self Machine" by I Blame Coco was coming out a few days ago and whilst you are patiently awaiting the new Lady Gaga video to hit at 5pm today, you should really check out I Blame Coco's new track and video.  I quite like it – moody and angsty and really fitting how I am feeling today.  "Self Machine" is synth-pop gorgeousness that sounds amazing in contrast to I Blame Coco's smoky voice.

From the press release: “Self Machine” is a soaring dystopian disco anthem and a dose of heartfelt, creative electro pop at its finest, and the video is no different. Directed by Alex Smith at Warp Films, (the man behind Coldplay's "Yellow" and Manic Street Preacher's "Empty Souls") it was shot in a derelict swimming pool – giving it an almost 'post apocalyptic' feel.