by Mandy Rogers

If it weren’t for DJ / Producer Kaskade I wouldn’t have been awakened to Skylar Grey, because on first trip out with Eminem on their global smashes “Love The way You Lie” and “I Need A Doctor” left a bit of earth un-shattered. Mine!

Change on this occurred at the end of year changeover, when I scored a listen in on “Room For Happiness” on preview, an instant rush of  – I want this NOW came over me! There we have it, that was me sold on the “Fire”  banger version, from Kaskade’s new album burst  “Fire and  Ice”  which you can check out here.

As mentioned above, there are two faces to this album – fiery dance and strident ice arrangements.  We turn our concentration on the latter, as “Room For Happiness” presents itself on another emotive plain, as a classically captured ballad, making full command of Skylar’s impassioned vocal. Result is powerful by stripped orchestral default, or plainly speaking let’s call it, orchestral manouevering on the dark side.

We surrender to the faultless beauty of this resplendent mix and appropriately stark contrasting video. Just Stunning!

Whatever coin flip you decide,  Kaskade’sRoom For Happiness” is an all out winner!

Room for Happiness (Feat. Skylar Grey) - Kaskade