Chris Wallace

By Mandy Rogers

Chicago’s The White Tie Affair have had quite a run with their bouncy danceable pop over the past few years, front man Chris Wallace now breaks loose to debut his own material.

If the formula works, don’t fix it! Chris’s debut single “Remember When (Push Rewind)" is as every bit as pop groovesome as his work with The White Tie Affair, a pop party popper o’clock palooza that peers into Chris’s minds eye and recalls the wild shenanigans of the night before. Nothing new that we haven’t heard or seen before in pop land of course, but this is a buzzingly infectious pop ditty that although it’s dedicated Youtube page carries a banner for Carly Rae Jepsen, I think this fits in more with the Katy Perry school of sound, not that I’m too fussed about KP’s music in general to be honest. However, Chris has won me round with the combo of full-on pop sound and the cuteness factor does go in some way here.

Watch Chris slam down this TUNE, party some, get the girl, loose the girl and get the girl again. THE END.