Kaya Jones

By Mandy Rogers

If you go down to the car lot today, you’re sure of a big surprise! As you’ll find hanging out, amongst the scrap metal and rubber, Original Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones flanked by Britney’s touring back up dancers and a hunk from “Boogie Nights Jonathan Quint – not sounding a bad find at all so far is it!

Let’s turn it up a notch – here’s the plot: it’s catastrophe!, It’s the end of the world and the one whose hope it lies in Sergeant Williams lies wounded drifting off into Gods waiting room, but instead of getting a visitation and pep talk from Morgan Freeman, Sergeant Williams  is looked on favourably and has been drawn the trump card of hot ’n’ sassy Kaya and friends to stomp up the energy field with their bump and grinding, hip and high kicking and overall bendiness to bring him back to the here and now. We can safely say it’s a whole lot more exciting than a waft of smelling salts!

Lest we forget the tune amongst all this dynamic cinematic production that has been directed by Davy Duhamel!  Pumped and loaded to beyond Britney level, with a rush of techno charge added amongst the dance rumble -“Release The Energy”, from Kaya’s newly released self titled album, provides exactly what it says on the can. Sparkling flowing effervescence with a sugar rush of yes please fill our glass up again maam.