Sheila McQueen

By Mandy Rogers

Are you like me? Do you kinda crave something more from pop than just some reinvented buzz, buzz, buzz that’s been churned around the pop charts, going through the rinse and spinning cycle after cycle, much the same?

Well I need a holiday from that kind of pop today. So let’s cut into something fresh and sisterly. Genevieve and Jessica Arnold to the rescue!

To begin, the sisters are having none of the family naming thing going on here, they are christening themselves rather glamorously collectively as Sheila McQueen, now doesn’t that sound rather splendiferous for starters!

Whilst both accomplished musicians, the ladies have been developing their style through their classically trained beginnings by jumping into different genres and having a good explore of sounds. Taking them to nights of Open Mic where they were scouted and picked out by Music Executive Paul Conroy who has now helped them to gain a band, developing and evolving into their own sound.

I don’t know about you, but I find that kind of story behind the makings of the band terribly exciting. Colour me a geek!

All this background is culminating in the release of their debut single “Paris”.

You can call this cute pop, slightly on the quirkier side but by know means cutesy! What’s fallen out of the music machine here is stylishly pressed, with big toe-tapping hooks, the feel good factor and an air of difference from the regurgitated norm. Brought to life by a tres chic semi animated video, that stirs up the happiness hurrah in my book!