Matthew Koma-20120914-94

by Raj Rudolph

One of the shinest new stars in mainstream pop today is Matthew Koma. His sampler album has been a firm favorite of mine this year and it’s nice to see the tracks slowly poppin their way online and out into our ears.

I squealed with delight in watching his latest music video “Parachute” this morning as it’s my favorite song from the sampler. “Parachute” showcases Matthew’s impeccable vocals and Maroon 5 swagger in such a way that instantly connects. What’s really amazing about Matthew’s voice is that it also trancends over so many genres and he aint afraid to dip his vocal chords in dance music as recently witnessed by his incredible collaboration with Alesso.

Matthew Koma is currenty on tour with Owl City and if you get a chance to catch that show – DO. It’s one of those dream pop gigs you’ll never forget. You can bet I’ll be there. For now, watch “Parachute” and fall in alternative pop love with the vocal stylings of Matthew Koma just like I did.

Parachute - EP - Matthew Koma