Blue Angel 

By Mandy Rogers /  Photo: Jeremy Williams

A few weeks back, I was left chillaxing in the swirling heady hypnotic beats of a new release from Blue Angel. The opulent production teamed with the overall euphoric bounce on forthcoming single “One More Down To Go”, was just so sublimely yummy gorgeous, that Blue Angel threw open a remix competition on the track.

The winning shot went to Birmingham producer / remixer Chris McCarthy AKA Shot Noise for his tumbling electro house interpretation, introducing an increased level of dancibility whilst also retaining the core essence of the track, leaving the sublimely yummy gorgeous factor intact, with just a delicate soupçon of magic re-vamping.


The newly released accompanying video, falls to the debuting video cinematic creation of Sheffield photographer Jeremy Williams, who captured the press image above and has also worked on press images for Wynter Gordon, Hanson, Bright Light Bright Light and Sarah Blasko, amongst many.

The clip traverses, a pictorial exploration of introvert / extrovert behaviour and is quite mesmerisingly eye catching, keeping in line with the overall ambience of the entire compositional production.

I’m entirely transfixed by it all.