By Mandy Rogers

Brighton’s endearing curve-balling pop makers The Special Ks picked up on our radar last year with their fine electro drenched indie pop track “Crystal Fields”.  Whilst the band have currently taken to sorting through their record collection giving The Special Ks creditable special shine re-vamping ELO’sEvil Woman”, we wanted to go beyond this to the next original single “New Ways”.

Stripping back on the previously big electro sound, The Special Ks stamp harder on their quirky nature bigging up on a stripped down casio piped sound with a tropical flavour that’s sure to fit well for their summer festival itinerary.

However, it’s the video that scores full EQ approval from me! I canine deny that I’ve seen such animal cuteness in a video since Burns and Fred Falke’s “ Y.S.L.M. (You Stopped Loving Me)”  ……definitely one for everybody that likes it doggystyle.

Let’s all collective awwwww.