I honestly thought from the album artwork that Arjan posted awhile ago that MYNX was a female duo.  I'm so wrong!  Today I finally got around to watching their music videos to "Kissie Show" and "I'm So LA" and much to my surprise, they are a glam slam female / male duo – who sound kinda like Peaches meets Scissor Sisters meets The B52s.  

One watch of both their music videos and I'm an instant fan.  Offering up lyrical and witty commentary on the plastic life, MYNX certainly know how to bring the fabulous factor to music for all us EQs to enjoy.  

Take a look for yourself – I'm kinda leaning more towards "Kissie Show" but "I'm So LA" is pretty fun too…I know someone who knows someone who knows Angelina as well.  Don't we all honey.

Oh – and MYNX wants all EQs to have a free download of "I'm So LA" too.  Enjoy.