By Mandy Rogers

This specimen of fineness is Seye (pronounced Cher)
everybody, he’s G’benga of Metronomy’s brother and well, he’s kind of, well
actually NO, he IS amazing in the kookiest, most exuberant and adorable kind of
way possible. How do I know this?, well I’ve seen it for myself first hand,
when Seye supported Paloma Faith earlier this year. Prior to this he had
been guitarist of Paloma’s house band, and previous to that he worked with
Ellie Goulding and is credited on “Starry Eyed”.

Not forgetting to mention, that he’s also toured with Lana
Del Rey
, Emeli Sande and is currently hanging out on tour with Aiden Grimshaw.
Ahhh have I bamboozled you with a weight of facts?! You get the picture he has a ton of celeberatti friends and to be honest with
you I am in no way surprised, for I have never witnessed someone so smiley,
happy and absolutely overjoyed to be doing what he’s doing than the warm up
performance Seye and his band put on for that Paloma Faith show.  Seye’s bountiful enthusiasm is contagious
and it rippled through our audience just like a Mexican wave.

Ah ha Mexican!
here’s the point where I should mention Seye’s new single and video “Mexicana
”. Firstly I seem to recall from the tour, Seye mentioned  “Mexicana Bounce” was inspired by Paul
Graceland” which was a key record for him as it was a flagship to the
world of the Afrobeat sound of South African music.

I mention this, because this is glorious wonky pop and to
get it fully, maybe having that fact entrenched in your mind prior to it starting up is a
good place to be! Stick through the jungley verses and you’ll be rewarded with
the huge beaming sunshine drenched chorus that’s ear poppingly radio play

Pop with a point of difference maybe, but when it’s bitten
you, it’ll smitten you with happy feelings!

Seye’s charisma, enthusiasm and exceedingly impressive
multi-talent go hand in hand to make him one of the nicest, exuberant, brightest people in
pop – believe!

"Mexicana Bounce" is released on October 8th – get your order in!

Mexicana Bounce - Single - Seye