Eric Saade

By Mandy Rogers

Dropping it like it’s hot!  Yes I said they, not one but two new Swedish pop
coloured morsels from the hunkalicious hearthrob Eric Saade

Yes I know this might seem all rather overwhelming with a
new moody screen shot up aloft to loose ourselves in, but we must listen to
Eric calling out the pop like only Eric can.

First up, the rousing ditty “Marching (In The Name Of
", but what’s this Eric’s gone all Will.I.Am on some rap sections, but does
it work? Of course it does, it’s Swedish and it’s Eric Saade.

Ok we must remain composed for a little longer and in doing
so we can start to see why Eric has chosen to simultaneously release x2
tracks.  He’s trialling and mixing it
up. That euro pop fizz he had going on has been kicked into touch and re-tilted
with an urban polish on “Miss Unknown”.

In truth, as pleasant as it is, I’m finding it a tougher
call to distinguish it as Eric Saade. For a band such as JLS to move inwards into this direction, it makes
sense but for Eric to wade in there, all I can assume is sights are set on
winning over America.

I'll stick my preference alongside tune number one "Marching (In The Name Of Love)".