by Raj Rudolph

This video is probably the most heterosexual video you'll see all year – wink wink.  Matthew Duffy has always pushed the envelope when it comes to expressing his sexuality in electronic pop and his latest visual feast for "Man Out Of You" is certainly no exception. 

Whilst most electronic male pop artists these days won't tread over hints of homosexuality in their records, Matthew Duffy just goes for it and for that I applaud him.  He's not afraid to take risks and knows that in some circles, titilation goes a long way.

Is "Man Out Of You" my favorite record of the year?  No, but it's interesting and I think as a whole, when Matthew Duffy releases his next EP "Spunk Pumpers Unite" on February 28th, I'll most certainly be paying attention.  Oh and if you're wondering who the boy in the video is playing Mr. Duffy's screen muse – you might want to save your Google searches for "Ronnie Kroell" for when you're in the privacy of your own home…just thought I should warn you, he's a Playgirl model…