Rave Radio

By Mandy Rogers

Let’s face it, there’s times when some of us hard-core electro heads feel in need of cutting loose and getting a little rave-horny, giving up our music souls into dirty house sin.

Some pounding bombastic indulgence is winging its way to us via Australian duo Rave Radio who over the past year have been remixing their way through Australian acts Potbellez, Bombs Away and Havana Brown whilst on the international circuit conquering Pitbull and Stanton Warriors, culminating in unleashing their own slice of electro dynamite.

Teamed with Sydney rapper Xamplify, Rave Radio deliver some all out hotness on club / radio friendly cross over track “Make It Rain”.  There is no other words fitting for this than “Poppers O’Clock” and should you have wondered how Taio Cruz really did get that "Hangover", well I think it’s because he took party time out and masqueraded as Xamplify……