Andi Kristins 1

By Mandy Rogers  /  Photo:

Quite simply Icelandic music queen Andi Kristins had me spouting off loads of pleasantries about her uncluttered dainty eclectic ditty “Magic”.

Whilst it unfurled a shining beautification of evocatively luxurious pampering to the senses, one caught a cheeky twinkle in her eye and sensed that this kitty cat might like to throw caution to a wilder side, like us fellow quiet ones, mostly do.

It all manifests in the video as Andi unleashes the vixen within, draping her lingeried body teasingly all over her keyboard, tripping through fields and skipping across sands in a carefree and completely comfortable manner, that a flush of true love brings.

No sleaze, just a little suggestively saucy and may I say, all done so in the best possible taste.