Mandy Rogers  /   Photo: Stephanie Sian Smith

I’m all for creative and innovative artists, I very much appreciate new life and styles being freshly approached and explored in electronic music.

Sometimes the softly, softly approach can be just as powerfully reaching as all those in your face electronically bold but good tunes, though. 

New London based artist Py, is a visionary in lo-fi with a deep house lush vocal, an experimentalist, instrumentalist, visual artist, whose work takes to the level of musical art forms of surround sound installations and exploration of the human voice when the body is placed under restraint.

Debut “Lungs” is steeped in deep house sensuality that is juxtaposed in bittersweet harmony by the substance of the lyrics that explores the other face of love, that sometimes brings a destructive nature in hurt and deception.

This, doesn’t mean this track comes over as melancholy, gloomy or moody though, it simply comes across as intended, as art, that is quite superbly sublime.

Lungs” forms part of Py’s debut mixtape “Tripping On Wisdom”  that can be snapped up for FREE via Facebook