By Jordan Meehan

Okay boys and girls, let's take a step back from our usual electronic pop obsession and take a moment to appreciate some Grade A modern doo-wop from The Overtones. Doo-wop music has always been a total guilty pleasure of mine and when I saw this video and heard this single for the first time I kind of lost it. It's amazing.

This video is just about everything I could ask for in a doo-wop music video: simple, classy and full of vintage flair. It really feels like watching an old 50s variety show and I loved every second of it. Not to mention how infectious the single itself is! I'll definitely be adding this track to my everyday playlist, and I encourage you all to do the same.

Loving the Sound is the lead single from their upcoming album Higher, which is to be released on October 1st. You can watch the video (and watch it again and again!) for Loving the Sound here: