By Mandy Rogers

Well if it isn’t one of our latest fancy of EQ Discovery, man boy band to swoon over and get hot licked into the bargain by their slick urban peddled harmonising pop sounds, FTW.

Let’s zoom in on the hot talented foursome, as we catch sight of them peering out from the stage, seeking to their heal their lonely hearts by feeling the blow of cupids arrow, as it dodges through the high intensity laser light show.  All this happens in the meeting place of all places, of course where else…le-club.

We don’t expect these fine fettled lads would be nursing their lonely hearts for long at rate, we sure imagine they’d be For The Winning themselves an army of suitors, not favouriting anyone in particular, but shout out to Callum whose necklines in places are looking are tad, almost, moob revealing – Ooooooo!

 Pre-order “Loveshot” by FTW via iTunes