Alphabeat Love Sea single cover art
by Raj Rudolph

Arrgh, sometimes when I watch an Alphabeat video I turn into Cruella De Vil and want to stomp all over their sheer happiness. Why? Somehow, some way or another Alphabeat have managed to find a gianourmous bottle of liquid sunshine in their cold corner of the Earth in Denmark and never seem to stop churning out the happy hits!

Point in case, watch the brand new video for "Love Sea" and you can find Alphabeat spreading their audio joy all over the world this time. It's just not fair. Stine, Anders, I beg you. Shrare with me your bottle of liquid sunshine. Send over a crate of it. I'd love to live in your world of happiness, glitter, coloured confetti and neon for just one day.

In all seriousness though, this video is bonza. Love these dudes and dudette.