By Mandy Rogers

What an amazing new production duo we have here, and they appear to be as fresh as fresh too! So much so, that after doing as much digging around on the internet as time would allow, I’m still mostly clueless as to the facts and figures behind them.

I can tell you that they Awake are Robin Robbaan Danielsson and Rasmus Johansson, and from that you can rightfully assume, that again they are from Sweden, to be more precise Stockholm.

Lights On” is their debut effort and features a mystery vocalist, since as much like the sketchy details on the band – Awake appear to be keeping the details tight on all accounts at present and allowing the music to speak for itself.

Indeed the music does speak for itself, in volumes if I might say so! “Lights On” is quite the massive curated banger of dance pop pleasure that would comfortably ride alongside the likes of anything current like, say Avicii and I for one after hearing this am firmly wanting to hear more from these guys.