By Mandy Rogers

Stomp up princess Yasmin the crowned glorious one of 2011’s drum and bass scene.

Continuing on from her successful dalliance into the mainstream spearheaded by Labrinth produced track “Finish Line”. Beaut Yasmin has clearly absorbed the cultural sights and Mediterranean ambience of her stint of triumphant Balearic gigs this summer!

As she presents heady skank on carnival jam “Light Up (The World)” turning to jungle maestro’s Shy FX and garage chart warrior Ms Dynamite to bring out the spicy Spanish flavours into song that have been on her taste buds all summer long. 

Delving headfirst into the culturally diverse mix that is Cuba, Havana, bringing to the fore the essence of the song – that those without the luxuries of life can ultimately be the richest in happiness, in her thought provoking and beautifully produced travelog inspired video.

At this commercially heavy consumerist time of year, that’s something to think on and bring back the true meaning of it all, isn’t it!

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