By Mandy Rogers

Since bursting onto the scene at the end of 2011, dreamy indie synth pop tunesmiths Carousel are a fledgling band that have peaked the Hype Machine charts, and are seriously giving another hotly tipped act of the moment Beach House, a run for their money.

After pulling in critical acclaim through release of FREE EP26 Allston” and ace dream woven electronica track “Where Have You Gone”, in prelude to their forthcoming EP titled “Sounds of Summer” the trio of Berkleee College of Music graduates drop “Let’s Go Home”.

Whilst still in-keeping with the core sound of floaty styled stream of arpeggiated synth sequencing “Let’s Go Home” maybe schooled in subtle, but it also fans a breezy air of sonic indie pop cool that is both soothing and a boost of vitality at the same time.

Whilst the video offers insight into Carousel’s own every day whirling merry-go-round of music making, it is rather pleasant to see a band bringing out and capturing the growing music process from paper, to jamming, recording and performing.  It is clear they are just happy to be making music and I am more than happy to be listening to it!