by Raj Rudolph

Well when it comes to the legends that are Pet Shop Boys, they really can do no wrong in my book. However, their latest album "Elysium" seems to have struck a disappointing chord with some hardcore PSB fans. The album itself is a rather "mellow" affair all round and there are some amazing tracks on there like "A Face Like That" which really slay me – but overall, it's not your usual sort of PSB album. And for that reason alone, I quite like it.

Enter "Leaving". It's a tale of love gone sour and the music video is sombre and sad and depicts a very grey day across a few European cities and well – I quite like it. No, it's not an epic tune, nor an epic music video full of wit and sarcasm as we expect with PSB, but it's simple and glorious.

Viva Pet Shop Boys.