Frankie Zulferino

By Mandy Rogers

This is a little bit confusing, Frankie Presley who I have written about before has traded in the Surname in favour of his own – Zulferino. Confusion cleared up!

Name change or not it doesn’t alter the fact that Frankie is pretty damn amazingly brilliant! oh my gosh can that boy dance some also.

Like all of Frankie’s productions the video is looking, well mega bucks glossy and the song itself is somewhat a thumping huge dance production that tailors in a smattering of dubbin bass thump amidst vocally seasoned sections of piano accompaniment.

Grows in fondness upon in each listen.

Fact for Fact Fiends:  Frankie is to take part in a new TV talent show (coming soon to American networks)  “The Next”  where he will be mentored by Joe Jonas – AMAZE!