You kinda have to agree with PopjusticeKaci Battaglia’s “Crazy Possesive” is the jam.

But – having said that, I think it should be noted that the infliction of Crazy Possesiveness can be bad for your health.  It can lead to anger, frustration, jealousy and in some extreme rare cases – certain death.

This is something that Kaci Battaglia knows quite well.  She’s so familar with this epidemic that she has recorded a very brilliant Public Service Announcement to show all those young impressionable girls out there exactly what Crazy Possesiveness can do to you…hit play and watch below..

If you like the audio – you can get the full phat “I’ll fuck you up” uncensored mp3 over on Kaci Battaglia - Crazy Possessive (I'll Muck You Up) - EP.  I have it and it’s naughty.

AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE for the winning remix of the EQ Masterbeat Kaci Battaglia Remix Contest – who will win?  You decide.