by Raj Rudolph

OK – I hate to say this, but this music video is a MASSIVE miss creatively.  Aiden isn't in the music video at all and that really is just a shame (ok, he's there but you'll miss him if you blink).  If Sony Music is looking for gritty Shoreditch chic, then yes, they accomplished it.  But not putting your own popstar in the music video for what could be a massive hit is only just diluting your product.

I'm not happy with this one EQs.  I demand a better music than this London Film School angsty mess.  You can still be Aiden GRIMshaw and get your point across.

And besides, with arms like that – who wouldn't want to see that in the music video.

What a waste.  FAIL.  Shame on you Sony. 

I expect better – don't ruin Aiden Grimshaw's career before it's even started.