Snoopy lads

Yesterday I wrote about the beautiful electronica to be found on The Snoopy Lads debut album, "A Ruby In Blue" and I hope that more than just a few of you went out and downloaded the album on iTunes – if you haven't yet, you need to know that it's truly a treasure trove of magical music just waiting to be discovered.

I asked Hendryk of The Snoopy Lads what he thought were his favorite songs from "A Ruby In Blue" and here is what he had to say:

Mzi.kdyqfmxr.170x170-75 "To choose our favourite tracks on "A Ruby in Blue" is a hard choice to make.  Each and every song is very personal and has its own story.  But if we were to choose, "Waltz on a 4-4 Time Beat" would be first in line.  Not only because it was the initial Snoopy Lads track, but also because it is our own secret gay pride anthem: "Moving different from the others / Don't stop and let the numb crowd bother / Our moment has come / So we dance our waltz on a 4-4- time beat!".  Then there is our title track "A Ruby in Blue". It deals with the phenomenon that you're never pleased with what you have.  Isn't the grass always greener over there?  Eventually you find out that this is bullshit.  Well, to be straight here: I found out…
"Illusions" on the one hand is a very sad song. About death, parting and letting go. Yet the piano and the strings are so playful and almost joyous that, at the same time, you get into a really positive mood when hearing it. A definite favourite…"

Download "A Ruby In Blue" by The Snoopy Lads on The Snoopy Lads - A Ruby In Blue 

More recently, The Snoopy Lads have been working on a collective of EP's called "Triptych I-III".  The first installment of the EPs is called "Interrupted" and it includes an AMAZING stop frame music video which is directed by extraordinary Japanese video artist Yukihiro Taguch that you can watch below.

Download the "Interrupted EP" which includes some incredible remixes on The Snoopy Lads - Interrupted - EP