By Mandy Rogers

Isn’t great when something that’s demure and delicate can carry its sense of beauty and serenity out on level ground against the rush of blippy electronic beats that compound us daily.

New to Eli Smith / Frankmusik co-owned KillPop Records, a breath of fresh alternative chillaxing instilment from Quigley.

Leaping from her Paloma Faith look above, to that of Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly, Quigley steals us a moment of unbridled bittersweet but contemplative ambience, with her clarity of crisp vocal reach, steered at the helm by Frankmusik. A combination total, that quite captures an enduring and elegantly placed pop ballad of refinement within the buzzing pop music genre. And a combination that were quite enamoured with.

Now, the video although it’s beautiful and most probably has some surreal / arty inference about it, that were not fully understanding of. Can somebody please be a Prince Charming and go help out Quigley as she appears to have lost the keys to her log cabin in the snow somewhere and with the cold has become frozen to a dining room chair.  Please, please, someone go to her assistance before the big white Frankmusik polar bear sneaks right up behind her and drags her off to a mythical Narnia wardrobe in Never Never land or wherever they are.