By Mandy Rogers

Now you’ll find that I’m not usually taken to hugely gushing about things too much candy flossed pop, but then again certain factors can win me over, like slightly salaciously implying naughty titles and overall bouncy feel good factor vibes.

Keana boasts all of these traits, from what I’ve just seen and heard and I guess there are times when you just have to let the girl in you take over and go a bit pink and fluffy. I’m with it with actress, singer, model type Keana and her rainbow coloured message of female empowerment.

Although, I wouldn’t normally zip up a huge chunk from the Press Release here, just to be clear on the message Keana is spreading, amongst her love of things Hello Kitty!

Although  already causing an uproar, the song’s “I Drink, I Smoke, I Touch Myself” line is not meant to condone or encourage; rather to give a comedic & honest, no holds barred look inside the minds of young girls behind closed doors.

It’s an empowerment message that it’s okay to be yourself; not be afraid of your thoughts & desires, and be proud to express who you are as you face all the pressure, scrutiny, and angst of being young”

In my day we had a magazine called “Just Seventeen” and Cyndi Lauper to reaffirm the empowerment message and goodness of being a girl, but here in 2012 we have Keana.  It’s good fun girly pop, let’s just embrace this one!