Pati Yang 

By Mandy Rogers

The phenomenal Pati Yang releases footage to accompany the
title track of her freshly released “Hold Your Horses EP”.

The spirited Polish experimental electro pop maker steers a
crisp performance of uplifting tones amidst a pulsating flourish of fuzzy
synths, paced with the gentle galloping cantor of suitably clip clopping drum
machines and percussion section staples of presumably coconut shells.  Whatever mineral or material it is making
that heavenly clatter it’s finely matched, immersed and entwined in the emotive
subject matter.

Whereupon, the video seeks a monochrome mele of model
perfect faces including brief cameos from the somewhat camera-shy Pati
herself.  Although, this sparse
aesthetic and gritty approach captures the nature, ambience and essence of the
track – spot on.

Hold Your Horses - EP - Pati Yang