By Mandy Rogers

You might have noticed that JLS have a new single out that's called
Hottest Girl In The World”. You might have noticed that it snuck itself
mid-way inside the top 10 chart placings this past weekend.

You probably noticed them on X Factor and you’ve probably
noticed them on a fair few more TV shows and on your radio’s over the past week
or so too.

You might therefore, have noticed or understood that the
popular foursome have a new album just about to come out that's titled “Evolution” and
you might have noticed that we already quick smartish typed up a review on it, after an early listening preview.

The above things you might already know, so let’s give you
something that you might not have already seen. 

This is JLS stripped.

Calm down, we are referring to acoustics!

The band showcase a track from the album “Hold Me Down”,
it’s the one I referred to in my review as an urban anthem with a similarity to
Emeli Sande’s
style but since I’ve heard it some more I also now get a bit of
Take That lurking in there.  

The harmonies are on point and this acoustic version is of
musical greatness and is every reason behind why you should place a pre-order
on the album.

Talking of: *coughs*

Pre-order “Evolution” (releases November 5th)

Evolution - JLS