Arlissa Nas 2

By Mandy Rogers

Seriously, what I know of American rap music I could write about on a postage stamp. Similarly what I know of Nas I could write about on the top right hand corner of that postage stamp. 

Word is, Nas blows up big in the music charts in America.

So therefore why do I find myself listening to rap music I know little of to appreciate it? 

Draw here is collaboration with South London newcomer Arlissa. Prepping her assault on the music world, Arlissa’s track “Hard To Love Somebody” saw a journey from her producer to a publisher and onto Nas, all by word of mouth. Once heard by Nas he was smitten by it and the rest shall we say is history, he took action to get involved in it.  Apparently the only previous time Nas has stepped out like this, was with British artist Amy Winehouse, so there you have it esteemed company Arlissa now finds herself with.

To be honest I can’t confess to hugely liking the rap content, but that’s just my personal preference. I can say however, I’m rather in awe of Arlissa’s voice. It’s all very graceful whilst being urban fresh, kind of haunting and emotively beautiful. All the things that tick my boxes, and I more often than not blog about.

Comparisons between this and Eminem’s collaboration with Dido on “Stan” are going to be tripping off bloggers lips quite honestly, and that’s a valid statement in that this is an American rap artist digging a British artist, digging her poignancy and cherubic delivery of vocals.

Presenting, Arlissa the newest urban angel to look out for.