We’re on the alert from EQ reader George Shinagawa Jr., who has quite rightly steered us in the direction of Brazilian pop artist Wanessa Camargo.

A singer who has captured her Brazilian nations heart with her bouncy synth pop songs for the past decade, has over the past year or so opened up her pop appeal by now recording her cracking tunes in English too – and this is possibly why up until now the singing superstar hasn’t blipped up on our radar before.

George brings to our attention Wanessa’s latest club stomping release “Hair And Soul”, which if I might say is very agreeable listening in a Shakira singing style; come Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine dance energy fusion, that turns out sounding all very NOW and dance boppingly well worth a twizzle on the disco floor.

Yes before you even think it by the title alone, there’s already some global branded product placement taking place in here and it’s by no way a first call, like most of today’s pop glitterati the Brazilian cutie has loaned her looks and vocal assets also on a variety of other beauty range endorsements.

But we are here for the music …and it’s every way sounding sensationally good.

WANESSA / WELLA from Joao Padua on Vimeo.