Scotty Dynamo

By Mandy Rogers

He’s Scotty Dynamo. He’s the Torontonian super hot, electro rapping Super Star in the making, introduced to us here at EQ through our great friend and pop star extraordinaire Adam Tyler.

For most it would be seen as a daunting move treading into the waters of a global smash and stamping your own groove on it, yet Scotty confidently strides in on Flo Rida’s Good Feeling” managing to wipe all thought of Flo from our mind.

By way of contrast to Flo’s fine display of fitness prowess expressing what gives him a good feeling on the original edit of video, Scotty turns in his own input of what makes him a shiny happy person. Take One! – Queue – Scotty Dynamo starring in “The Candy Bar Kid” for your viewing pleasure below.