Ruby Goe

By Mandy Rogers

Having already established from our friends at POPTRONIK that Ruby Goe is anything but your average and very much an, out-of-the-box style pop songstress in the making.  We assumed that the accompanying video to her boombastic freshly new released self-release “Get On It” wouldn’t go down the route of convention either.

It’s Saturday night everybody, but be gone the towelled up images of Whigfield applying her miracle slap that was so 1994, here’s Ruby preparing herself for night on the tiles with her mates, to snare herself a love conquest.

Involving some serious hair whipping and squirming herself around in black paint, which at first had us doing a double take, as we thought someone had sent us an Iamamiwhoami link by mistake. 

Ruby we’ve always thought the idea was to paint the town red not yourself black! this make-up routine all looks a bit of a par lava to us! Conclusion we think Ruby’s gone a bit too far and overdosed and over ordered on her blacker than black face pack. Our advice to her is rather than go through such a messy DIY beauty regime next time your off for a bevy with your mates and impending beau, perhaps a pre-date at Champneys with some of your girlfriends might be the less messier way too go about it, but agree it's probably less fun.