Jess Mills

By Mandy Rogers

I can’t help myself! I just heart on Jess Mills a lot!

Her tracks have been bubbling under the full shine of the radar for too long in my mind but whilst I want deserved success for her, I don’t wish it to be too openly hyped and glorified. I just want her beautiful music to be truly felt and appreciated by those that happen to hear of it.

Interestingly too Jess invites the world of Drum and Bass in on her sound, both through production and remix work alike. To be honest if you know anything about her at all it’ll most likely be that she’s worked extensively with Dubstep / Drum and Bass producer Breakage and that she’s the daughter of a Politician.

We shall not dwell on that trivia!

The latest single “For My Sins” is out in September and it just whispers magic to me. In keeping with Jess’s championing of the Drum and Bass genre, enlisted on remix duty is the mysterious Etherwood and it’s a remix you HAVE to listen too as it presents a gentle and delicately poised representation of D and B that is suitably of a more discerning texture and palatable to a wider audience base.

I would hastily get my pre-order in on the album now if I could, but that’s not due to early next year.