by Raj Rudolph

It's no surprise here that "Feel It" by Bright Light Bright Light is by far the ONE song and music video that today totally encapsulates the 90s in all it's essence, bad fashion and prehistoric green screen video editing. From the minute I first heard "Feel It" on Rod's stellar new album "Make Me Believe In Hope", I instantly feel into a disco drama with very little hope of return. If pop music were to be cooked up, cut up into crack and smoked – "Feel It" would probably be a hot commodity on the streets for music junkies like myself.

It's always nice to see a Scissor Sister make a cameo nowadays too – in fact, it's becoming quite fashionable and trendy (see Alphabeat's new music video). So if you haven't seen the video for "Feel It" yet, turn up the speakers, press play and pump up the jam Technotronic style to this gleaming gem of track that will not only transport you back to grade school, but it will also make you believe in hope for a better future in pop music.

Make Me Believe in Hope - Bright Light Bright Light